our services

what can we do for you?

We're specialists in all aspects of garden and ground care. We take care of all types and size of gardens, from small urban spaces to company green spaces to large country estates. We treat them all with the same care and attention because we know how important they are to everyone's well-being. Your garden is a special place and we'll help you make and keep it the best it can be, now and for years to come.  Get in touch and let's talk about your needs.


Our services include:

  • garden and grounds maintenance
  • planting schemes
  • deck and path solutions
  • lawn care and weed control
  • hedge and shrub care
  • container plants and window boxes
  • garden restoration
  • free consultation and advice

lawn care and weed control

hedge and shrub care 

Our regular garden maintenance includes lawn care, mowing, feeding and treatment for weeds and moss, as well as clearing all leaf fall and debris, to ensure your space looks good all year round.

We trim and shape shrubs, hedges and small trees at the right time of the year. Also dealing with pests and diseases accordingly.


planting schemes

Providing your plants with the care they need with correct pruning, dead-heading and feeding, whilst keeping beds cultivated and weed free. We can also develop your garden with a new planting scheme, whether it's for borders, containers or raised beds.

path and deck solutions

Ensuring that all paved areas , decking and hard surfaces are correctly maintained, keeping them free of weeds , moss and debris.

We can also help you plan and install new ones.

container plants 

We have a lot of green fingers at Urban Eden and we love an opportunity to make your containers and window boxes give the best displays year after year.

garden restoration

We can transform your old garden into a thing of beauty, helping with the planning, design, execution and of course the on-going maintenance.